September 16th 2023

Structured 3.2: Interactive Widgets, StandBy and more

We are thrilled to announce another big Structured update! This time, we introduce support for some new features regarding widgets, which were just released with the new iOS 17. Besides that, we spent a lot of time optimizing things behind-the-scenes and have fixed over 100 bugs! Especially, the calendar and reminders integration are more reliable and smoother.

Interactive Widgets

With iOS 17, widgets can finally be interactive, and we are here on day one to support it. This means, you can check off your tasks without having to open the app, even from your lock screen.

Simply tap the checkmark (or circle) to toggle a task, and if there is no checkmark (because the widget is too small), try tapping the title of the task.

StandBy Mode

Another big addition to iOS 17 is the new StandBy mode. Whenever you charge your phone is in landscape, a new, beautiful display of the current time will show up. You also have the option to add your own widgets and, of course, we recommend adding the Structured widget, which was optimized specifically for this.

StandBy is perfect for keeping an eye on your timeline, while at your desk, and interactive widgets work here too.

Customizable Widgets

Another significant change to widgets, is the ability to customize some aspects of them. You can now choose to display all-day tasks at the top of a Timeline widget, control if the Plus button is shown or set the order of tasks in the new Inbox widget (oopsi spoiler).

New Widgets

With all these changes to widgets, they became so powerful, that we just had to create some more. Say hello to the new Inbox widget and a special Subtasks widget. The Subtasks widget also lets you complete subtasks directly from your home screen.

Missing Lock Screen Widgets

If you previously had Lock Screen widgets installed, you may have noticed that they have disappeared. Don't worry, they are still available and you simply have to re-add them once. We had to do this for technical reasons. Thanks for your understanding.

We hope you enjoy all these changes and look forward to your feedback. What is your favorite iOS 17 feature?

All the best,

The Structured Team