We are thrilled to announce another big Structured update! This time, we introduce support for some new features regarding widgets, which were just released with the new iOS 17. Besides that, we spent a lot of time optimizing things behind-the-scenes and have fixed over 100 bugs! Especially, the calendar and reminders integration are more reliable and smoother.

Interactive Widgets

With iOS 17, widgets can finally be interactive, and we are here on day one to support it. This means, you can check off your tasks without having to open the app, even from your lock screen.

Simply tap the checkmark (or circle) to toggle a task, and if there is no checkmark (because the widget is too small), try tapping the title of the task.

StandBy Mode

Another big addition to iOS 17 is the new StandBy mode. Whenever you charge your phone is in landscape, a new, beautiful display of the current time will show up. You also have the option to add your own widgets and, of course, we recommend adding the Structured widget, which was optimized specifically for this.

StandBy is perfect for keeping an eye on your timeline, while at your desk, and interactive widgets work here too.

Customizable Widgets

Another significant change to widgets, is the ability to customize some aspects of them. You can now choose to display all-day tasks at the top of a Timeline widget, control if the Plus button is shown or set the order of tasks in the new Inbox widget (oopsi spoiler).

New Widgets

With all these changes to widgets, they became so powerful, that we just had to create some more. Say hello to the new Inbox widget and a special Subtasks widget. The Subtasks widget also lets you complete subtasks directly from your home screen.

Missing Lock Screen Widgets

If you previously had Lock Screen widgets installed, you may have noticed that they have disappeared. Don't worry, they are still available and you simply have to re-add them once. We had to do this for technical reasons. Thanks for your understanding.

We hope you enjoy all these changes and look forward to your feedback. What is your favorite iOS 17 feature?

All the best,

The Structured Team

September 16th 2023

We have been a bit quiet, but I can assure you that there is something brewing in the background. Meanwhile, we have been squashing a few bugs and improving performance a bit.

On top of that, this update includes some new app icons you can choose from, including some inspired by other indie apps.

On Apple Watch, we've added a complication that you can place on the edges of your watch face to quickly see the progress of a task. These complications are only available on watchOS 9 and onwards. Unfortunately, we had to remove support for complications in earlier versions.

Unfortunately, we also had to remove support for undo/redo since it was causing more problems than it was solving. But we are planning to bring it back better soon!

~ Leo

July 13th 2023


We're excited to announce Structured 3.1, which introduces a powerful new feature for our pro users: the Structured Assistant! This experimental feature uses AI to help you plan your day effortlessly using natural language.

Structured Assistant

The Structured Assistant is designed to make creating tasks even easier and more intuitive. Simply tell the assistant your plan for the day in everyday language, and it will use AI to generate a list of tasks for you. No more manual task creation or complex scheduling - let the Structured Assistant handle it for you!

To give it a try, tap the robot icon in the top bar and start speaking or typing your plans. Please note that this feature is currently only available to users subscribed to Structured Pro and can only understand English. We're working on expanding its capabilities and language support in future updates.

We hope you find the Structured Assistant helpful in making your daily planning even more efficient. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help us improve the app further.

Thank you for using Structured, and have a productive day!

~ Leo and the Structured Team

May 30th 2023



Structured is now available on Setapp, the Mac & iOS app subscription service. With Setapp, you can access hundreds of high-quality Mac & iOS apps for one flat monthly fee. You can sign up for Setapp here: https://setapp.com

Other than that, Structured 3.0.5 and 3.0.6 continues to fix a bunch of issues and improve performance.

Also, make sure to check out the new one sec update (version 3.0.4), which allows you to configure the one sec integration to only block apps during tasks with certain colors (plus it adds some more exciting features).

April 7th 2023



Structured 3.0.4 brings you a more seamless and enjoyable experience with a host of bug fixes and performance improvements. Our team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to eliminate numerous small issues and refine the app's overall functionality. Here's a list of everything we've fixed or improved for you:

- Fixed an issue that prevented Apple Watch complications from displaying

- Resolved an issue that caused Home Screen Widgets to appear empty when tasks overlapped

- Enhanced calendar integration for better support of recurring events

- Fixed a problem where widgets would fail to appear on macOS 12

- Fixed an issue where the menu bar on macOS would be unresponsive

- Improved the touchability of certain buttons for ease of use

- Fixed a problem where tasks would still appear after resetting the app

- Added a close button to the day picker for added convenience

- Resolved several crashes for a smoother experience

- Removed "Lunar New Year" categories from the icon picker, while still making the icons available in other categories

- Improved the overall performance of the app for more efficient use

We're confident that these changes will make it easier for you to plan your day and enhance the app's overall quality. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're continually working on larger updates to further improve the app.

Thank you for using Structured, and have a productive day!

~ Leo

March 13th 2023


Today's update fixes various bugs related to calendar import, reminders sync and macOS Ventura.

These include (but not limited to):

  • Calendar events are now imported more reliably

  • Reminders are now synced more reliable in both directions

  • Recurring reminders work more consistently

  • Layout and Interface bugs in macOS 13 Ventura are fixed

  • Long notes and subtasks can now be scrolled in the focus timer

November 3rd 2022

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