May 30th 2023


Structured 3.1: AI-powered personal assistant

We're excited to announce Structured 3.1, which introduces a powerful new feature for our pro users: the Structured Assistant! This experimental feature uses AI to help you plan your day effortlessly using natural language.

Structured Assistant

The Structured Assistant is designed to make creating tasks even easier and more intuitive. Simply tell the assistant your plan for the day in everyday language, and it will use AI to generate a list of tasks for you. No more manual task creation or complex scheduling - let the Structured Assistant handle it for you!

To give it a try, tap the robot icon in the top bar and start speaking or typing your plans. Please note that this feature is currently only available to users subscribed to Structured Pro and can only understand English. We're working on expanding its capabilities and language support in future updates.

We hope you find the Structured Assistant helpful in making your daily planning even more efficient. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help us improve the app further.

Thank you for using Structured, and have a productive day!

~ Leo and the Structured Team