December 20th 2023

Structured 3.3: Shortcuts Support

Firstly, happy holidays! Just in time for the festive season, we're back with a new update packed with new features and improvements for you to ensure a smooth start into the new year.

Here's what's new in Structured 3.3:

1. Enhance your planning experience with Shortcuts support

Get even more tasks done, create your own Shortcuts and automations, combine Structured with other supported apps, and bring your productivity to the next level. For beginners, we also have preset app shortcuts you can access via Siri and Spotlight Search.

2. Clearer Text and Improved Translations

We've reworked the in-app text and tuned the translations for a better experience for all users, no matter what language. For the best experience, we suggest using English, German, Spanish, or French.

4. More Efficient Backup Management

Set a limit for saved backups to prevent your iCloud from getting cluttered. Older backups are now automatically removed.

5. Home Screen Quick Actions

Additional quick actions can be accessed by long-pressing the app icon to access several actions even faster

6. Subscription Renewal Reminders

Receive timely reminders for subscription renewals or expirations, ensuring you're in the loop.

7. Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

We are looking forward to receiving feedback and ideas for upcoming updates.

Also, keep your eyes out for a special surprise towards the end of the year!

All the best,

The Structured Team