May 24th 2024

3.4.3 The Structured Cloud

What is the Structured Cloud?

Structured Cloud is our new data storage solution. Previously, your tasks were linked to your Apple ID and stored in iCloud, limiting synchronization to Apple devices. Now, your data will be stored on the Structured Cloud and accessed via your new Structured account.

What do I get out of it?
By moving your data to the Structured Cloud, we will manage it instead of Apple. This allows us to directly address and hopefully eliminate storage and synchronization issues, greatly improving Apple Watch synchronization with other devices. Additionally, with your data linked to a Structured account instead of an Apple ID, you will eventually be able to sync tasks across different operating systems, including both Android and Apple devices.

What will change for me?

The main change is that you'll use a Structured account. By signing in with your email, you can access your tasks anytime, anywhere. Other than this, your user experience will remain the same, but synchronization will be faster and more reliable.

How do I get access to the Structured Cloud?

We will gradually roll out access to the Structured Cloud. When ready, a "Structured Cloud" button will appear in your settings. Clicking it and entering your email will transfer your data from iCloud to the Structured Cloud. For detailed instructions, visit our Help Center article.