June 19th 2024


The NEW Structured AI

Introducing Structured 3.5 with the all-new Structured AI powered by GPT-4! This update brings faster, smarter planning capabilities, unlocking endless possibilities for organizing your day.

New Features:

Scanning Magic:

  • Seamlessly integrate physical calendars, planners, or to-do lists with a quick scan.

  • Automatically import timetables, shopping lists, and sports schedules into your Structured timeline.

  • Create shopping lists and tasks from scanned recipes.

Advanced Task Creation:

  • Schedule recurring tasks and manage unscheduled to-dos with ease.

  • Generate tasks considering existing events.

  • Edit and customize tasks before adding them to your timeline.

Planning Inspiration:

  • Plan trips, create training schedules, study guides, and household chores lists.

  • Get personalized itineraries, grocery lists, and training plans.


  • Travel: Plan your New York itinerary, including sights and dining.

  • Cooking: Generate grocery lists and instructions for favourite recipes.

  • Training: Create marathon training schedules.

  • Studying: Build study schedules for exams.

  • Household: Create cleaning schedules by room and task.

Experience a new era of Structured planning with Structured 3.5!